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Cleve House International Secondary School

Cleve House was built in 1887, a time when, for those children lucky enough to attend school, education was largely a matter of learning by rote.

The world has moved on and education has broadened far beyond the reading, writing and arithmetic focus of our Victorian forebears. Nevertheless, the national curriculum remains rigid with progress and achievement largely assessed by examination.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) was established in 1968 and proposes an alternative emphasis on education, one of lifelong learning with a focus on skills as opposed to memory. Skills that will support students throughout their lives.

Embraced globally, the IB is less well known in the UK and whilst a significant number of secondary schools offer the IB diploma as an alternative to A levels, just a handful currently offer the Middle Years Programme (MYP) as an alternative to GCSEs.

We are delighted at Cleve House to be the first school in Bristol to deliver the MYP1.

Partnering up with Wotton House International School in Gloucester, we cater for those students who seek a modern and relevant education. We accommodate local families, global families, students who find the examination process too prescribed and restrictive or those planning to study the IB diploma at other schools in Bristol or beyond.

Our student profile is varied, global and local, working together to develop the skills required for a modern and rapidly changing world.

Contact us for a chat, or click this link for detailed information about the MYP:

Some of Cleve House International Students enjoying their weekly day out at Rolls Court Farm.