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Form 6


A very warm welcome to the F6 Class page, we hope you find the information useful and enjoy looking at our achievements so far this academic year.

In Form 6, we pride ourselves on our strong work ethic and our sky-high ambition. As the oldest in the school we are role models for the other children of Cleve House. Learning in our classroom is fun and focused, so that with laughter and teamwork, we can drive each other on to achieve our goals.

It’s an important year for our family, as many of us prepare for Entrance Exams to a selection of the best Independent Schools in the country.

This page maps our journey this year to prepare for our transition to Secondary Education, as we acquire the skills to serve us in later life.


Bristol Zoo Project

Science: Animals including Humans

A member of our class is an animal expert so we’ve decided to use his expertise during this topic. We can’t wait to post some pictures of our up and coming trip to Bristol Zoo Project where we get to be Animal Detectives!

History: Generation 2 Generation

We learned about the Holocaust through the oral history of family members and felt totally captivated.

Holocaust Memorial Day has this impact every year and provides our students with a moment to reflect upon this appalling aspect of humanity.

The talk was delivered with tact and expertise, our audience were a credit to the school.


Merry Christmas!


During the Autumn Term we have been investigating our circulatory system. For one of our experiments, we learned about where to find our pulse and the impact of exercise on our heart rate,


The Angry Storm!

In in the great old storm the thunder goes bang, bang, bang!

It is like a tiger roaring.

It is as loud as a meteor banging on earth.

It is a colossal tornado.

The thunder is angry at the world.

Bang, bang, bang!

In the great old storm the wind goes whoosh, woosh, woosh!

It is like a screaming fox.

It is as cold as Antarctica.

It is as wild as a T-rex running.

The wind is singing a fierce song.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

In the great old storm the waves go crash, crash, crash!  

They are as tall as the empire state building.

They are like lions fighting viciously.

They are sapphire fish moving the sea.

The waves are attacking sailors like a Kraken.

Crash, crash, crash!

School Trip: Wake The Tiger!

Design Technology: Automata Animals

English: Writing to describe…

Religious Studies