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Headteacher’s Welcome

Teaching To Reach … Since 1937


A warm welcome,

Every day I count my blessings to have stumbled across Cleve House School over 12 years ago.

Having taught in several Bristol schools I can categorically say that this school is by far the happiest that I have ever had the pleasure of working in. On the surface we look like an independent school with our traditional values and uniform, but don’t judge us too soon; we offer so much more. We have a community of hard-working families, all of whom have been witness to the transformation of their children, who experience first-hand the life-long benefits of self-confidence, good manners and mutual respect.

We pride ourselves on hearing our pupils read daily, every pupil from reception upwards has a weekly swimming lesson and we have a host of specialist teachers who offer lessons in piano, computing and drumming – and if you are of a certain age, Emma Weaver aka Bella from The Tweenies, teaches Drama and Speech and Language. We are a family school whereby the children play across all year groups and parents make support networks and lasting friendships. It is now my mission to tell families across South Bristol and beyond, exactly how great we are and what we can do for your children.

I am a mother of three girls and have experienced the joys and trials of raising a family. My husband and I have also been through the process of choosing the right school; I understand the importance of getting it right we also help with this process as our students transition into senior schools and our care and love do not stop then; we want to hear about your child even when you have left us.

We are often told that it is the right start at Cleve that sets the cornerstone and foundations of expectation, rigour, and reaching high. At Cleve, no child is ignored, no child is invisible and no child is bullied; we take the time to listen and nurture. We are proud of what we do and we are told that we do it well; our confident pupils and scholarship awards speak for themselves.

When you visit, you will be able to spend time talking to our pupils and see first-hand how they are nurtured and cared for. You will witness a school where pupils and teachers are taught to reach and give their best irrespective of any difficulties. You will discover the family feel which is the very essence of our community, and you will hear laughter and feel the buzz of excitement from pupils and teachers learning together – I love it.

Cleve House and Little Cleve Preschool is a heady combination of our pupils, our staff and our parents together – it is unique, we are fantastic value and we have the time to dedicate to your child and your family.

My words alone can not convey the essence of Cleve House. You will need to come and discover it for yourself and when you do, you won’t forget us!

I look forward to meeting you.

Clare Fraser