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“Cleve International School provides an exceptional working environment that fosters growth and collaboration. The kindness of the teaching and support staff creates a positive atmosphere, making every day enjoyable. New staff members receive a warm welcome, and the supportive leadership ensures that everyone feels valued. It’s a place where dedication to education meets a nurturing community, making it a truly outstanding institution.”

L Martinez – Former teacher Dec. 2023

Cleve House School may be small in size, but it is undoubtedly big in heart. The sense of community and camaraderie that permeates the school environment is truly remarkable. I felt welcomed from the moment I stepped through the doors, and that welcoming atmosphere made my experience even more enriching.
As an undergraduate studying education studies, this placement has been invaluable to me. I have had the opportunity to observe and learn from experienced educators, gaining insights into teaching methodologies and classroom management techniques that I know will serve me well in my future career. Moreover, being immersed in such a nurturing environment has reaffirmed my passion for education and has given me a clearer sense of direction for my future endeavours.
I am deeply grateful for the guidance and mentorship provided to me during my time at this lovely school. I would like to extend a special thank you to you, Mrs. Fraser, for your leadership and for fostering such a positive learning environment. Your dedication to the students and commitment to excellence are truly inspiring.

March 2024

I’m emailing to say thank you for accommodating XXXXXX’s visit this morning, and particularly to Ms XXXXX, Miss XXXXXXXXXX and the class for involving XXXXXXX in the lesson.

She was delighted! She leaned over to me and whispered “I really really want to be in Ms XXXXX’s class” during the lesson, and repeated that several times after we left.

She mentioned how the smaller class made it so much quieter during the pair discussions than in her current school, and that she was able to concentrate and participate.

Thanks again, and we’ll look forward to visiting again next Thursday!

The safe and calm environment created by Clare in Cleve House school is the ideal space for all the children to grow and progress in and all the supporting staff are doing an amazing job with this next generation of school children. 
I have coached in the Primary School Education sector for over 6 years now across North Somerset, South Gloc and Bristol and have never witnessed such camaraderie and friendship as I have witnessed at Cleve House School across all year groups.
I have found all the children polite and inquisitive, keen to learn and strong team players, and happy to share in the lesson successes as well as failures with the same level headed attitude. 
Keep up the great work!

 Rich Paul
Client Relationship & Growth Manager  Future Stars Coaching Ltd Feb 2023

Hello Mrs Fraser,
This email reminds me of the times I told XXXXXXX & XXXXXX of how great you are. Well now its time for me to say how great XXXXXXXX is.

The first time I met her was at the school open day at the end of year 5, she was I believe still quite new at the school. I mentioned something to her about XXXXXX posture, the way she replied was fantastic to hear – she had already known about his posture and told me a number of things she already had in place for him. I knew at that point that he would be safe in her hands.
XXXXX is very fond of her and loves her lessons, he says that she is very friendly and we believe she knows him well.

XXXXXXX joins me in saying that she is an amazing teacher and we believe she is a very great asset to the school. We believe that although she works part time, she crams in so much effort in those days. When we talk about her we always think, how far XXXXXXX would have developed if she was full time.

She is quite frankly amazing, I so wish the profession was filled with teachers like her.>
Take care

I know that XXXX may well be exhausted from my thank yous, but needed to acknowledge that without XXXXXX high praise of the primary provision, we may not be in the very fortunate position that we are now in. XXXXXX is not only choosing to attend school, but also has the energy to spend time with friends and family once the school day is over. I am so impressed with the ethos of the school and the vision for the future, and am grateful to have become part of it.

It does, however, highlight the difference in educational opportunities, ownership, and enjoyment between XXXXX and her brother.  XXXXX is currently in Year 7, and although he has a great social group and achieves ‘good’ results he does not ‘thrive’ in school.  I know that you do not currently have provision for his age group, and am conscious that he ‘needs’ young people of his own age, but wanted to put it out there that if, in the future, numbers increase and he may have peers in his year group, please let us know….

Thank you for giving XXXX a great start to schooling. We are extremely grateful for all the good work you’ve done with him. I’m sure when he looks back some day, his values of discipline and hard work will have been heavily influenced by everything he’s done in your class.

I visited Cleve House School weekly to run PE sessions for all the children and each time I was greeted with such happy faces! 
The children are all highly motivated to learn new skills, as well as helping each other progress in every way possible. I was blown away by their kindness towards each other, always celebrating each others success and how incredibly polite and respectful they were towards me. In my 10+ years of coaching I have not come across a school as lovely as this one, with all children so keen to learn and progress. Clare and all the staff are doing an amazing job! 

We cannot recommend Cleve House School enough. We moved our daughter from a state school to Cleve in form 2 and her development has exceeded our expectations. Her reading and writing have improved dramatically as has her confidence. 
It’s not just the excellent teaching, it’s also all the other things she has had the opportunity to try such as drama, fencing, drumming, Kung Fu and languages. The school has given her a love of learning and a curiosity about the world. 
The school went above and beyond during lockdown to provide as normal a school day as possible.  Every day she had a full day of interesting online lessons with detailed feedback and daily contact with her teacher. She continued to learn and develop at home despite the circumstances thanks to the hard work the school put in. The school has also put a lot of work into getting all the children back safely for normal lessons in September. 
Cleve House School is like a family, which we were made to feel part of from day one. Moving our daughter to Cleve was the best parenting decision we ever made and worth every penny.”

– Current parent

“Did you know we visited Cleve House School when XXXX was 4 and she desperately wanted to go. We were so worried by the school places crisis, we didn’t turn down our state school offer though. Anyway, the Headteacher told me about a teacher who wasn’t there that day; who was very special and great with kids and only rarely had she met such as exceptional teacher. That teacher was you! And boy was she right!
Thank you for giving XXXX such an amazing time in Year 4 – she absolutely loved your class and learned so much and thank you for being so supportive of her and me. It always felt like she was safe in your hands – like you were a second mother. I hope our paths cross again one day.
Thank you to you and Mr Wardle and everyone else for doing a great job with XXXX!”  
– Former parent

I know when we signed XXXX up to join Cleve House School that we were worried he was too young and should be kept back a year, but after meeting you in the Spring, the change in XXXX between now (July) and leaving mainstream schooling is vast thanks to your hard work (and XXXX’s!) I can definitely say that we did make the right decision and a lot of that is down to you! Thank you for your patience, we couldn’t be more pleased of his progress under your guidance and it is very much appreciated.

Our son Mashang XXX (19 now) started his Year 3 at Cleve House School.
We were so impressed by the tight knit class of eager students and the attention they got from the teachers. Mashang enjoyed the school life and made a lot of friends during the 4 years while he was in Cleve House School.
Due to the excellent standard of education and care Mashang was able to get offers from BGS and GEH with Clifton High giving him an academic scholarship. He now studies Dental surgery at Cardiff University.
We are so happy that we have made the right decision to send Mashang to Cleve House School from Year 3 to Year 6.
The teachers, receptionist and after – school carers are all extremely nice and helpful.
We just want to say to them  – thank you all so much  for looking after our son; you helped make him a very nice, bright and happy boy.
– Mr George XXX (Mashang’s father) and Mrs Wendy XXX (Mashang’s mother)