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Form 4 & Form 5

What have we been doing?

Form 5 Science: Space

Form 5 enjoyed working out how far their planet was away from the sun. Each piece of toilet paper represented 100,000 km! Turns out Neptune was out of the classroom! We also learnt that Jupiter is over double the size of all the planets put together and that Neptune is a gas planet made of methane – the same gas that cows release! Thank goodness it is so far away we can’t smell it!

Bristol Life Skills Centre: November 2022

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery: October 2022

We have been writing creatively…

We’ve been getting the best out of our writing by using blind-folds to challenge our senses!


Form 4 & 5 pupils thoroughly enjoyed their first lesson of Oracy whereby they learnt about ‘freeze frames’ and ‘split screens’. Pupils created a freeze frame from Chapter One of Varjak Paw. They depict the scene when the strange man enters the Contessa’s house bringing with him two sleek black cats. Varjak Paw looks on, feeling dizzy…