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Trips, Clubs & Enrichment

Here at Cleve House School we believe that a variety of opportunity and experience outside of the classroom are as much a part of a school’s Curriculum as the teaching and learning that goes on inside the classroom. At Cleve House School we care about helping children find their spark! Whether it’s swimming, gardening, dancing, baking, building, netball, singing etc there is something for all.

We work hard to provide trips and visits that enrich our classroom learning and also provide opportunity for personal development. We provide opportunities for children to develop into confident young people, because we make them believe they can take the small step to spend their first night away from home or take that big leap off the ledge whilst tackling an outdoor adventure!

CHIS Residential 2024

Bristol Festival of Speech and Language 2024

Standing with Giants 2024

CHS Residential 2023

CHS Residential 2022

Pancake Racing Spring 2022
Our Mandarin Enrichment Offer helped prepare these two students for their September 2002 start at Badminton School!

Come and experience it for yourself…